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About Us

Nemisindo (Zulu for "sound effects") offers sound design services based on our innovative procedural audio technology. Our online platform provides a browser-based sound effect synthesis framework. We offer many synthesis models, with selected post-processing tools created for you to create your own sounds from scratch. Each of these models can generate sound in real-time, which can be shaped by manipulating various parameters. We are an Epic Megagrant recipient, developing procedural audio for the Unreal game engine. Email us for information. Do not hesitate to get in touch!

Our Vision

Using our transformative procedural audio technology, we aim to completely remove the reliance on sample libraries for sound effects by offering intuitive tools to generate any sound. Our technology is more creative than simply using pre-recorded sounds that are never quite what's wanted. We can generate sounds that have never been recorded, and they can be shaped and crafted at the point of creation, breaking through the limitations of sampled sounds.

Why Nemisindo?

At Nemisindo, we are dedicated to delivering great sound effects and tools to all, from the professional sound designer crafting the richest, immersive scenes, to the amateur content creator wanting cool, fun sounds to match their creative content.

Our logo represents a sawtooth wave, which looks like a backwards N, comprised of many sine waves. Its one of the many tools we use 'under the hood' in the procedural audio models. It captures one of our most significant innovations; every one of our models generates sound completely from the ground up, no samples are stored.

Our Online System

Our free online service provides a real-time sound effect synthesis framework in the browser. The system is comprised of over 60 synthesis models, with over 600 presets for specific sounds, and post-processing tools (audio effects, spatial placement, etc), for users to create scenes from scratch.

Each of these models can generate sound in real-time, allowing the user to manipulate multiple parameters and shape the sound in different ways.

Our Board

Joshua Reiss - CEO
Leads QMUL's Audio Engineering research; serial entrepreneur who co-founded LandR and Tonz; president-elect of the Audio Engineering Society

Adam Daykin - Director
PhD; Technology and product development, project management and business development

Jim Shaikh - Director
PhD; Engineering design & development, brand & product development

Our Engineering Team

Jack Walters - Lead Software Engineer
MSc Sound & Music Computing, front-end development, audio programming, and back-end development

Selim Sheta - Unreal Engine Lead
MSc Sound & Music Computing, front-end development, interactive design, and audio development in C++

Kyle Worrall - Unity Lead
Composer, researcher and game audio programmer.

Our Engineering Team

Hazar Tez
MSc Sound & Music Computing; developed much of the Nemisindo technology; audio programming sound design & expert

Remi Falowo
MSc Sound & Music Computing with a background in psychology and audio perception

Rod Selfridge
Postdoc in Sound Computing at KTH. PhD In sound synthesis and procedural audio


Special thanks to :
Tom Vassallo, Parham Bahadoran, Adan Benito, and Jake Lee; former members of the development team, and major contributors.
Nick Jillings, for his JSAP framework for the web audio API.
Will Wilkinson, for his contribution as the first person working on the early stages of this project.
Giacomo Lepri, for his analytical listening and creative sound design.


The Nemisindo system is described in :
P. Bahadoran, A. Benito, T. Vassallo, J. Reiss, FXive: A Web Platform for Procedural Sound Synthesis, Audio Engineering Society Convention 144, May 2018

Many of the sound synthesis models were originally developed by the Nemisindo team, as well as Queen Mary University of London researchers. Others are based on published work from the sound synthesis research community. We owe a debt of gratitude especially to Andy Farnell, author of Designing Sound, Davide Rocchesso, lead author of the Sound Design Toolkit, and Perry Cook, author of Real Sound Synthesis for Interactive Applications.

You can check out the full list of references we used for this project Here.